Foot and Ankle Injuries

Treatment and Surgery

The foot and ankle are formed by a complex arrangement of bones, ligaments, muscles, tendons and neurovascular structures designed to withstand forces greater than your body’s weight and made to support your daily activities. Orthopedic Surgeons find that any imbalance or compromise to this intricate architecture can result in pain and potential dysfunction. Whether from trauma or overuse – and depending on your age, activity level, and the mechanism – any of these structures can be at risk for injury.

The treatment plans for foot and ankle pain and injury must be geared to the needs, condition, and functional demands of each patient in our Jacksonville office. Dr. Kasraeian will discuss your options with you in detail and recommend the best course of action for your recovery.

The following links are provided to help you gather information you may need or want in order to discuss your treatment options more thoroughly with Dr. Kasraeian.

Foot & Ankle AAOS Links

Broken Bones and Injury

Sprains, Strains and Other Injuries


Prevention and Safety

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