Arthroscopic Surgery

Looking Inside a Joint

Arthroscopy – “looking inside a joint” - was originally pioneered in the 1960’s for diagnosing problems inside the knee. Soon its application expanded to not only diagnose, but to actually treat joint injuries. Successful procedures in the knee led surgeons to explore the use of arthroscopy in other joints.

The shoulder was the next major joint to be targeted by surgeons looking for less invasive ways to treat joint injuries. Today arthroscopic surgery can be performed on most of the major joints throughout your body including the elbow, wrist, and hip as well as in the foot and ankle.

Arthroscopic surgery involves the use of a small camera, usually the size of a pen or smaller, and specialized “arthroscopic,” or “micro,” instruments to treat injuries that used to be treated with more invasive “open” surgery.

Traditional “open” surgical procedures can sometimes require large incisions and considerable tissue dissection. Even then, it can be difficult to visualize and manipulate the delicate structures inside a joint. Arthroscopy lets the surgeon see into the joint and perform minimally invasive procedures.

As your Jacksonville and St. Augustine Arthroscopic Surgery Specialists, Dr. Kasraeian and his partners at Orthopaedic Associates of St. Augustine have specialized fellowship training in performing arthroscopic surgery and other sports medicine reconstructive procedures for residents of the Jacksonville and St. Augustine area.

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